Saturday, May 17, 2008

Singles Parties, May 13-17, 2008

3 very different singles events this past week:
  • Our second annual Single Pet Lovers Mixer was on Tuesday, May 13, at Faz Restaurant in Danville. It was fun learning about everyone's pets. I brought a photo of my two cats, Zuki (a Maine Coon male) and Sake (a Siamese female). A couple of people called to ask if they could bring their pets to the party! Sorry, it's against the Health Code to have animals at a restaurant (unless they are guide dogs for the blind).
  • We returned to Milpitas after a long hiatus on Friday, May 16, for a Lock & Key & Dance at the Beverly Heritage Hotel. Big crowd, great party. DJ Miguel of Startracks spun his usual magic and the dance floor was packed all night.
  • We concluded the weekend on Saturday afternoon, May 17, with the Dress Rehearsal of the Mountain Play Production of Wizard of Oz. The performance benefited The Marin Symphony. We had our own singles section, under a giant tree. That was fortunate, because it was really HOT! Other than that, we enjoyed this classic musical. The actress playing the lead role of Dorothy had a terrific voice. The only problem was that the poor dog Toto didn't respond a few times to his cues! Hopefully Toto will turn in an academy award winning performance at the real performances coming up!

Next week features another three parties:

  • West Contra Costa Singles Mixer, Tuesday, May 20, at La Strada Restaurant in San Pablo. All of our Contra Costa parties for the past few years have been in the eastern part of the county. It's about time that we did one in the western part, close to the cities of Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Hercules, and Pinole. Our philosophy is to bring parties close to virtually every town in the San Francisco Bay Area. With today's high gas prices, it's important to be accessible!
  • Silicon Valley Singles Convention, Friday, May 23, at the Wyndham Hotel in San Jose. This is our largest annual event in the Silicon Valley. This year features an exciting keynote by Susan Bradley, author of How to Be Irresistible to the Opposite Sex and Irresistible Prescriptions for Love.
  • East Bay's first-ever Singles Charity Ball, Saturday, May 24, at The Midtown Ballroom in safe downtown Oakland. Our last charity ball, March 1st, in San Francisco, raised over $11,000 to help The Seva Foundation cure blind people. We hope to cure 200 more blind people tonight!

People sometimes worry that attendance will be low on a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) because everyone goes out of town. FALSE. The majority of singles stay home on three-day weekends, and they are EAGER to go out and have fun! We usually have larger crowds on the holiday weekends than on regular weekends.

Details about all of the parties at See you at the parties!


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