Sunday, April 30, 2006

April 28-29, 2006 Parties

Marin's largest singles party of the year, Friday night, was a lot of fun. You couldn't beat the location, the Peacock Gap Country Club (althought a few folks had a hard time finding it), the Lock & Key Mixer went well, as did the Dance Party, with a giant wooden dance floor and the great tunes of DJ Mike Keating. Always scary to do a party in such a large venue, but since we had a great crowd, we hope to do Peacock Gap again.

Saturday night we did our first-ever One Key Away Party, high tech matchmaking, followed by a Dance Party with DJ Darryl K. We were very worried, because we had a lot of problems with the websites the last week before the party, and some people had trouble registering for the party. But we pulled it off, and had a nice turnout, lots of new faces. Fortunately we didn't have to turn away a lot of folks, like we did at our last party at Crossing the Bar Restaurant in SF, January 7. That night people were asking why we didn't use a larger venue, but of course we aren't psychic and had no idea the party would be so popular. We can only guess.

Dr. Janet Hecht ran our Saturday Night Singles Party, but hasn't emailed me yet with a report, so I don't know how it went. Nobody has called or emailed to complain, so I presume it went well. If you went to the party, please post a comment. Always great to have feedback, both positive and negative, about all of our parties!

Last weekend was Marin's largest singles party of the year--next Friday, May 5, is the Silicon Valley's largest singles party. It's a Cinco de Mayo Celebration, with a Middle Eastern Twist. I believe Illusions is the largest nightclub in the Silicon Valley --it's new, gorgeous, and has a huge dance floor. This will be spectacular celebration. Be there!

Next Saturday, May 6, we do our annual preview of San Francisco's giant Carnaval Celebration. Mas Makers will dance to a pulsating beat in their gorgeous costumes, then we dance until Midnight to a wide variety of music, both contempary and retro. All at the Embassy Suites San Rafael.

I didn't do a report on the previous weekend's parties, April 22, because I was away in Dallas hosting the Texas Singles Convention.

Information about all of our parties is at


At 6:10 PM, Blogger wendylynn said...

Love the blog!!! Great to see what happened at these events without going! Still trying to get my courage up to actually attend. Any chance of a speed dating type of eventin the Marin county area? Looks like poeple want events that make it easier to initiate conversation, as opposed to just waitng for someone to ask you to dance.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Rich Gosse said...

Glad you like the new blog, Wendy Lynn. Yes, lots of singles don't want an alternative to dance parties. That's why we do our Wine Tasting parties, Lock & Key parties, and Cocktail parties.

We did a Lock & Key in Marin and plan to do it again, plus also do one up in Santa Rosa.

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