Monday, November 27, 2006

Parties, Nov 21-25

All 3 of our parties were well-attended this week. The first was on a Tuesday night, Nov 21, at the lovely Spinnaker Restaurant in Sausalito. We lucked out with the weather, a perfectly clear night, with great views of the SF skyline, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Bay! The only bad note wa the bad male-female ratio. We work hard to get enough men to attend our parties, but this one clearly needed more male energy. The food was terrific.

Our Elegant Evening at the Argent Hotel on Friday, Nov 24, not only had a terrific turnout, but there were plenty of men! Some of our regulars didn't come, thinking it would be a small crowd the day after Thanksgiving. Big mistake. We always get great crowd on holiday weekends. Yes, lots of people are busy or out of town. But the people who stay home are eager to party over a holiday weekend!

We also had a very nice turnout at our Lock & Key & Dance on Saturday at Spin Ultra Lounge in Walnut Creek. People had a lot of fun the first two hours, and the food was terrific. Unfortunately, the DJ started playing late after the Lock & Key Mixer, and his selection of music was not the best. I warned everyone in my email blast and on the website that we had no control over the music--I didn't hire him, the nightclub did--but people were still expecting better. It's tough to find an affordable place for a party in Walnut Creek, where we have a big following, so I had to do it at a place where I could not bring in my own DJ. I won't make this mistake next month, Friday, Dec 29, when I do a Pre-New Year's Party at the Concord Hilton's Golden Gate Ballroom, only a few miles away from Walnut Creek. I promise the DJ will be first-rate at this party!

This coming weekend we only have one party, Friday, December 1st, at the beautiful Pasta Pelican Restaurant in Alameda. Everyone loved our last party there, especially the plentiful and delicious buffet, and the great views of Jack London Square across the water. I will be hiring the DJ at this party, so we are sure to have terrific music! Please wear festive holiday attire.

Happy Holidays!


At 10:19 AM, Blogger SiliconValleyDancer said...

I attended the dance at the Argent Hotel in the City last Friday night. It was a very dressy affair, and it was well attended. Like Rich mentioned, the ratio was unusually balanced, not the typical female bias. Two things were a bit off though. The dance floor was too small (my personal pet peeve), and at first there were almost no seats or tables. Thus there was a lot of awkward standing around. About half way in to the evening, a partition was rolled away and all of a sudden there was twice the space, and much more seating. Unfortunately, there was no way to expand the floor at that point. Nobody was in this space previously, so my question is why was not this space used productively from the beginning?? Odd.

At 10:13 AM, Blogger Rich Gosse said...

Yes, we had a larger turnout than expected, so it got very crowded. Fortunately the ballroom next door was empty that night, so I was able to get the hotel manager to open up the sound wall and double our party space, including extra seating. If I had known we were going to attract such a large crowd, I would have requested both ballrooms ahead of time, but who would have thought that so many would come the night after Thanksgiving?!


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