Monday, July 30, 2007

Singles Parties, July 24-28, 2007

We began the week with two Advanced Degrees Parties, for singles with a Doctorate or Master's Degree, in Sausalito and San Ramon. The Sausalito party, on Tuesday, July 24, was very crowded and went well. The San Ramon party was not so lucky. There was a fire in the Caldecott Tunnel, so our singles coming from the west could not attend. Worse than the small attendance was the bad ratio: many more women than men.

Singles always call asking what the size of the party will be and what the ratio will be. Unfortunately, not being psychic, I have no good answer. We never know. The last time we did a party at Mudds in San Ramon we had a huge crowd. This time it was much smaller. Sometimes our parties get too many women, sometimes too many men. You just have to take your chances in life. The important thing to remember is that regardless of the number attending or the ratio, there are always lots of single people at our parties looking to meet new friends!

A general rule of thumb is that the big turnouts happen on weekends, while the weeknight events are more intimate. Of course common sense dictates that more people will attend if they don't have to get up the next morning to go to work.

Our two weekend parties this week were both held in large hotel ballrooms. Susan Bradley, author of How to Be Irresistible to the Opposite Sex, wowed the crowd as usual with her entertaining presentation at the Solano Singles Convention on Friday night. On Saturday night we celebrated our 29th Anniversary of parties for singles. I estimate we have sponsored over 2,000 singles parties on six continents! Co-sponsoring the party was Singles Supper Club, which celebrated its 24th Anniversary. The party was very slow getting started, but eventually the dance floor was packed and the party went well at the lovely Parc 55 Hotel Ballroom.

This coming weekend features two parties. Our first-ever Wine Tasting Party at Sports Basement in SF is on Friday, August 3. In addition to all the wines you can taste from boutique wineries, accompanied by appetizers, everyone will receive a free Cozmo Deck of 52 cards of discounts to San Francisco's finest restaurants (over $500 in discounts). Plus Sports Basement will have a special discount for our singles, if you want to buy sports apparel during the party.

On Saturday, August 4 we hold our annual East Bay Singles Convention. Krystyna Barron keynotes the evening with "Sex Is NOT a Dirty Word," followed by a Dance Party featuring your favorite hits.

More info and more parties at See you at the parties!


At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to coment on your music if you can improve it and play new songs not all oldies. Some of them are kinda boring.

At 10:28 AM, Blogger Rich Gosse said...

We ask our DJs to play a mix of today's hottest hits and the greatest songs of yesteryear. Sorry if this particular DJ didn't play a good mix. It might not be his fault, as he takes requests and it's possible that was what the crowd wanted to hear. Always feel free to ask the DJ to play your favorite song(s).


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