Sunday, February 10, 2008

Singles Parties, Feb 7-9, 2008

The weekend began with a fun Mixer at Faz Restaurant in Danville on Feb 7. Big crowd for a Thursday night! The appetizers were delicious and plentiful (a little spicy, though).

Our Silicon Valley Valentine Dance at Michaels in Mtn View on Feb 8 was also well-attended, as was our Art & Wine Tasting Party in San Francisco on Feb 9. I missed both of these parties because of a funeral/cemetery visit on Friday and celebrating my bithday and that of my wife Debby on Saturday. That's right, we were both born on Feb 9. How's that for kismet? We met at one of my singles parties almost ten years ago! Thank you to Barbara Millin, Patrick Dalal, and Jim Spillane for running these two parties so I could take the weekend off.

Only two parties next week. On Thursday, Feb 14 we have our annual Valentine's Day Mixer. This year it is at the lovely Embassy Suites Hotel in Napa. This is our first Napa party in a long time, so we expect good response, since there aren't a lot of options for Napa Valley Singles!

On Friday, Feb 15, we have a Valentine Dance at the Concord Hilton's Ballroom. I know, it's the day after Valentines Day, but we couldn't get all eight of our Meet Your Valentine parties in before Valentines Day! Hope you can attend.

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