Monday, December 10, 2007

Singles Parties, December 3-8, 2007

Ah, the ups and downs of doing singles parties! Two parties were well-attended. The third was a disaster!

We started the week off well with a holiday mixer at the historic Pleasanton Hotel on December 3. We haven't done a Monday night party in many years, because that's the slowest night in the party business. We need not have worried. Great crowd for a Monday night and people stayed late, they were having so much fun!

We thought our next party, Thursday, Dec 6, at the Seahorse Saloon would also be well-attended, since it was our first-ever in Pacifica. Alas, it rained, and we had our smallest crowd of the year (out of 150 parties, this was the lowest turnout). I don't know if it was the rain or just people not knowing where Pacifica is, but our singles did not come. I was embarrassed and offered people their money back, but they all declined and had a good time despite the small numbers. Quality, not quantity!

Our third party of the week, on Saturday, Dec 8, was co-sponsored with Your Asian Connection. Excellent gender balance, approximately half men/half women. About half were Asian and half were non-Asian. DJ HickeyB! spun his usual magic and the dance floor was packed all night in the spectacular Illusions Night Club!

Only two parties this coming weekend. On Friday, Dec 14 we have two parties for the price of one: a Wine Tasting and Dance Party at Blend Night Club in Danville. We packed the place on a Tuesday night a few months ago, and expect an even larger turnout this time on a Friday! On Saturday, Dec 15, we do our only Lock & Key Mixer over the holidays, so that one should also be crowded.

Details are on our website at See you at the parties!


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