Sunday, March 22, 2009

Singles Parties, March 17 - 20, 2009

All three of this week's parties were well-attended:
  • St Patricks Day Mixer, Tuesday, March 17, at Vic Stewart's in Walnut Creek. Last year's party at this wonderful restaurant at an historic train station was so crowded, they gave us three rooms this time. We needed all three for the big crowd!
  • Wine Tasting & Live Band Dance, Thursday, March 19, at Number One Broadway in Los Gatos. The Second Story Band was terrific, as always. The dance floor was packed!
  • Welcome Spring Dance, Friday, March 20, at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in San Rafael. By coincidence, our DJ, Darry K, was born on March 20. So we celebrated the first day of Spring by wishing Darryl a happy birthday, sharing his delicious chocolate birthday cake, and dancing to some terrific music. Great party!

Our largest event of 2009, the first-ever National Baby Boomers Festival, at the Silver Legacy in Reno, Nevada, March 27-29, features three days of non-stop partying. Hope you can join us! CARPOOLING available. Just post a comment at the end of this blog entry for Mach 17 - 20 that you would like to carpool. State where you live and whether you are offering to drive carpoolers to Reno (with each person sharing the cost with you) or whether you want to be a passenger. Include contact info (email and/or phone number). ROOMMATES AVAILABLE. If you would like to share a room in Reno, post a comment at the end of this blog entry. We are hoping that a vast number of our singles from the Bay Area will attend.

For those of you who want to stay close to home this coming weekend, we have a SPRING FLING SINGLES DANCE on Friday, March 27, at Tarragon in Sunnyvale. Optional Progressive Dinner available. Barbara Millin of Singles Supper Club will host this party, as I will be running the giant Baby Boomer Festival in Reno.

More information about all of our events for singles on our website at See you at the parties!


At 4:59 PM, Blogger tamworth said...

Folks, don't pay the 99 bucks a room as advertised on Rich's baby boomer's festival web can get them for about 40-45 a night on expedia, etc...

I just did it. ;


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