Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Singles Parties, March 27-29, 2009

Barbara Millin of Singles Supper Club ran our Welcome Spring Dance on Friday, March 27, at Tarragon in Sunnyvale. She reports that it was a fun party with a moderate attendance.

I was up in Reno at The Silver Legacy for the National Baby Boomers Festival. We did not get the huge crowd we hoped for, but I received many compliments, especially about the great speakers. One of our Boomers wrote a sonnet about the festival that says it all:

The Baby Boomer Festival - a sonnet

In recent months the New York Exchange took a nose dive to the floor,
Retirement accounts were cut in half with many new stories of greed.
But the Spirit of the Baby Boomers now whispers that life is much more,
And a new gathering of California and Nevada Boomers is what we need.
We'll play the Beatles and Johnny Mathis with all those lights dimmed low,
The old favorites will be enhanced as the words are mouthed by our DJ.
We'll dance with her being cheek to cheek as in the Boomer days we know,
The best ever of great music and times...the Boomer Way is the only way.
But the Baby Boomer Festival was much more...even learning how to flirt,
With a lock by her heart, we unlocked new friendships with Lock and Key.
We had more than one dance in that weekend and music to turn many a skirt,
And there in a long row of couches were gals who would Speed Date with me.
And I believe for me over these three days a few of Cupid's arrows did fly.
A woman's name did Cupid whisper into my ear...grateful for your work am I.
Thank you Rich and Debby for this event, Steve Lauritzen...Hawthorne NV

Next weekend features three singles parties:
  • Lock & Key Dance, Friday, April 3, at the Pleasanton Marriott
  • Art & Wine Tasting, Saturday, April 4, at The Artists Alley in San Francisco
  • Single Cougars Mixer, Sunday, April 5, at The Moorpark Hotel in San Jose

More details at See you at the parties!


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