Sunday, June 21, 2009

Singles Parties, June 18-20, 2009

I was on vacation in New Mexico for six days (beautiful state!), so I missed the first two of our parties this week:
  • Young Single Professionals Mixer & Live Band Dance, Thursday, June 18, at #1 Broadway Night Club in Los Gatos. Barbara Millin of Singles Supper Club, who ran the party, reports a moderate turnout and a fun party.
  • Elegant Lock & Key Dance, Friday, June 19, at the Claremont Resort Hotel in Berkeley. Patrick Dalal of, reports a big crowd. I heard a complaint that the temperature was too hot. We mean something totally different when we say we have hot singles parties!

I returned home from New Mexico on Saturday afternoon, so I was able to run the Welcome Summer Art & Wine Tasting Party on June 20 at RR Gallery in San Francisco. Nice turnout, lots of new faces, great party!

Next week features 4 more parties:

  • Advanced Degrees Mixer, Tuesday, June 23, at Trader Vic's in Emeryville. You can't miss at this gorgeous location! All of our past parties here have been very well-attended. If you like partying with well-educated singles in the world's most luxurious restaurant chain, this is the party for you.
  • Summer Night Delight Dance, Friday, June 26, at Crowne Plaza Cabana Resort Hotel in Palo Alto. We are in the beautiful Cyprus Ballroom, the site of our large New Year's Eve Party. Co-sponsoring with Singles Supper Club.
  • Saturday Night Fever Dance, Saturday, June 27, at Graziano's Ristorante in Petaluma. DJ Darryl K will teach us all how to do the Saturday Night Fever Hustle, followed by dancing to today's hottest hits and the greatest songs of the past.
  • Sunday Afternoon Delight Mixer, Sunday, June 28, at Whipper Snapper Restaurant & Sangria Bar in Downtown San Rafael. This is a lovely, fun restaurant I discovered when the West End Neighborhood reopened (after extensive construction). We will enjoy the outdoor patio, weather permitting, as well as the fun interior, complimentary appetizers, and a Mixer Game with prizes.

More information about our events at See you at the parties!


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