Monday, May 08, 2006

Singles Parties, May 5-6, 2006

Our Cinco de Mayo party on Friday was at an exciting new nightclub, Illusions, in Palo Alto. Big place, very high ceilings, great lights and sound system. We hope to do another party there again, as this one was well-attended and high-energy. The one negative was that we had to go with the "house" DJ, who isn't accustomed to our crowd and their musical needs. I kept asking the DJ to play a few slow dances, but since I wasn't paying him directly, he just did his own thing and played almost all fast music all night. Not that the music was bad--our singles enjoyed him. He just could have mixed it up a little better. That's why I prefer to do parties where I hire the DJ and pay him/her directly.

On Saturday we held our annual Carnaval Party. Mas Makers gave us a special preview of the giant Carnaval Celebration in San Francisco's Mission District on Sunday, May 28. This is supposed to be San Francisco's largest celebration each year, with 500,000 attending! Mas Makers paraded in their gorgeous costumes and ignited our Dance Party. The only problem was they arrived late, had to change into their costumes and get everyone lined up. They didn't start dancing until 10pm. Then the dance floor was packed until midnight. Wish they had arrived sooner! For that matter, wish our singles would arrive sooner at Saturday Night Singles. We put out the hot food at 8pm (last Saturday we had two large trays of Enchiladas) to encourage people to come early, but we just can't get them to arrive in large numbers until later in the evening. So the party always starts out slowly, then gradually builds to a crescendo.

If you attended either party, please share your reviews, positive and negative. Thanks.

Next weekend we have two Saturday night parties; none on Friday. We had originally scheduled a Wine Tasting & Dance Party for Friday, May 12, at Mr. Smith's Nightclub in SF, but had to reschedule it for the following Friday, May 19 because they put down the wrong date in their calendar. So we have two parties on Saturday, May 19:

1. The first-ever Lock & Key & Dance Party in San Mateo County, at a beautiful new nightclub, Blush, in Burlingame.

2. Our annual Single Mother's Day Celebration, the night before traditional Mother's Day, at Embassy Suites San Rafael. Single moms are the unsung heroes of our society. They have all the responsibilities of married moms, and often have to do it all on one income. We salute them!

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