Sunday, August 20, 2006

Parties, Aug 18-19

Author Teresa Ann Foxworthy was our Keynote Speaker at the North Bay Singles Convention on Friday, Aug 19. She presented a great mix of lecture/audience participation. Great way to kick off the convention, which was the largest event of the year for singles in the North Bay.

At Saturday Night Singles, National Salsa Champion Yvonne Benavides of Stars Ballroom gave us a fun lesson at our Salsa Party. Then we celebrated Dr. Janet Hecht's birthday enthusiastically, with dancing and birthday cake. Janet runs our Saturday Night Singles parties when I am out of town doing other parties.

Next weekend we have two parties. The big one will be our Lock & Key & Dance at the Sheraton San Jose on Friday, Aug 25. Our last Lock & Key at this venue was well-attended, so we're doing it again. If you haven't been to a Lock & Key, you owe it to yourself to discover why they are so popular. This is the easiest way to meet everyone of the opposite sex at a party!

Saturday Night Singles features our annual Lady in Red party. Half price admission (only $5!) for women in red outfits. Gentlemen, here is your chance to meet that very special lady in red! Embassy Suites San Rafael.

For more info on all of our singles parties, visit See you at the parties!


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