Monday, June 05, 2006

Parties, June 1-3, 2006

We are proud to have co-sponsored The Bachelor Auction & Party on Thursday, June 1. It was a fundraiser for youth at risk in SF. There was a massive crowd and the bidding was spirited. The one negative was that the music was extremely loud. I wish I had hired the DJ so that I could have gotten him to turn down the volume. I understand that they wanted to get the energy going so that people would bid higher (there was certainly was a lot of energy in the room!) but the music was so loud I left early, even though a popular live band was scheduled to play after the auction (which went beyond the 10pm that was scheduled). People who complain about the loudness of the music at our dances should have gone to this party. They would have found out what loud music really is like! When I hire a DJ I always tell him/her to lower the volume if it is excessive. The loud music does indeed raise the energy level of the party, and lots of people, especially young people, like it. On the other hand, the louder the music the more difficult it is to communicate. So we try to strike a balance between too loud and too soft. Thursday's party failed in this department.

Our Art & Wine Tasting Party Friday night was a lot of fun. We did it at a new location for us, Linen Life Art Gallery in Emeryville. It was a lovely space and I received many compliments about it. Nice turnout.

We also had a very good turnout for our 80s Dance in San Rafael on Saturday night. It was interesting to learn how many great songs came out during the 80s!

This coming week we have five singles events:
  • Younger Man/Older Woman Mixer in Palo Alto on Tuesday, June 6. Older men date younger women all the time and most people don't raise an eyebrow. What's good for the goose is good for the gander!
  • Asian/Non-Asian Mixer in SF on Thursday, June 8. This is for Asians who want to meet Asians or non-Asians (and vice-versa). The party is right across the street from the Asian Art Museum, near City Hall.
  • Young Single Professionals Party in Burlingame on Friday, June 9. This is for singles 21-39. All of our other parties are for adults of all ages.
  • Saturday Night Singles, our weekly dance party at the Embassy Suites San Rafael.
  • Finding a Lasting Relationship Seminar on Sunday, June 11 at Santa Rosa Jr College. This is a very entertaining seminar I teach for everyone who wants a systematic plan for finding someone special within 6 months! I have taught this seminar at 61 colleges all over California and Nevada.

Hope to see you at the parties. More details at


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