Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Parties, May 19-21, 2006

Rain returned with a vengeance this weekend, giving us an all-time low at our Aptos Party Sunday afternoon
and a below-expected attendance at our Sunday afternoon party in Monterey. Both were Lock & Key parties and went well. Just wish the weather had been better so we could have packed both locations! The appetizers were particulary good at the party at Jack's at Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey. One lady who attended the Aptos party met a man for a future date, plus picked up a client. That's what I call mingling at a party!

Our Wine Tasting Party Friday night was at a new location for us, Mr. Smith's Nightclub in San Francisco. Not the best neighborhood--7th St., between Market and Mission St.-- but what a beautiful place. Most of us stayed after the wine tasting for the Dance Party. The House DJ played many of the songs we love at our parties, but unfortunately as the night went on he cranked up the volume to the point where it was just too loud. Hopefully everyone understands that when the House pays the DJ in the nightclub, eventually he is going to play louder music for the mainly younger audience that comes in late-night. Young people, as you know, just don't understand the damage they are doing to their eardrums. They will be sorry later in life (I can testify from personal experience).

On Saturday we held our annual Best of the Men Party, based on an old French custom. Nice turnout, great party. I gave away free copies of one of my books, A Good Man Is EASY to Find, to all the women who brought an eligible bachelor to the party (with whom she was not romantically involved).

For Memorial Day Weekend we have 4 singles parties. You'd be surprised how many singles don't go away for the long weekend and are looking for something fun to do while everyone is supposed vacationing out-of-town. With gas being so expensive, I'm betting most people will be looking for something local, like one of our parties. On Friday we have a Wine Tasting Party at a new location for us, Solad Dance Center in Walnut Creek. On Saturday night we have two dance parties: Lock & Key and Dance Party at the Sheraton San Jose (in Milpitas); and our regular Saturday Night Singles Party in San Rafael. On Sunday we have our annual Memorial Day Holiday Dance Party at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame (with Monday as a holiday we always get a nice crowd). I hired the DJ at all three of these dance parties, so I know the music will be good and not played at an ear-splitting volume!

Hope to see you at one or more of our parties!


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