Sunday, August 27, 2006

Parties, Aug 25 & 26

Our Lock & Key & Dance Party at the Sheraton San Jose on Friday, Aug 25 was very well-attended. Lots of compliments to our DJs, Clyde & Cindy English of New Horizons, who did a wonderful job. We have them scheduled to also DJ next Friday's party, Sept 1, which is an Art & Wine Tasting Party at Linen Life Art Gallery in Emeryville. Dancing follows the Wine Tasting.

Our Lady in Red Party on Saturday, Aug 26 was a lot of fun. It was great to see so many women dressed in red, my favorite color! Normally you don't see red very often at a party. I'm told that's because women think red makes them look fat. The women looked great last night! We let the women in red outfits attend for half-price, and they appreciated the discount. We are thinking of doing the same for our men. How does a Men in Black Party sound? If you have suggestions for new locations or new party themes, please share them!

Also Saturday night we co-sponsored Your Asian Connection's 6th Anniversary Party. I haven't heard back from Julia about the party, but I'm sure it went well. Congrats to Julia and her staff for six successful years. Lots of people think it's easy to host singles parties and run a dating website. Try it and you'll find out how difficult it really is!

Next weekend, in addition to the one already mentioned above in Emeryville, we have two more parties:
1. Our regular Saturday Night Singles party at the Embassy Suites San Rafael.
2. Our annual Labor Day Weekend Holiday Party in Burlingame. This time we have moved from the Embassy Suites Burlingame to a new location--The Vinyl Room, also in Burlingame, with new DJ Sivan playing your favorite hits. We always get a great turnout in Burlingame on Labor Day Sunday, because Monday is a holiday.

Hope to see you at one of more of our parties this coming weekend.

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At 1:54 PM, Blogger SiliconValleyDancer said...

I attended the "Lock & Key Mixer" dance party at the Sheraton San Jose (which is actually in Milpitas) on 26 August 2006. I find the lock & key theme to be depressing and more than a little pathetic, so I typically show up to such dances a little later -- once the dancing has actually started. I love this particular setting because the dance floor is large, and there is usually enough room to swing or salsa even after everyone gets going.

This was one of the best dances in months. The floor was big, and the dancing was hot! The women were clearly trying hard tonight, and looking great! The men were likewise trying hard, and I saw lots of coats & ties -- pretty odd for the Silicon Valley. The ratio was reasonable -- which always keeps such events happier -- thought the usual slight tilt towards female was in evidence.

One thing I wanted to comment on is that you all need to be nicer to Rich when he gets up to do his shtick. He typically stops the music for a few minutes to award the prizes, announce upcoming activities, or whatever. At such times -- and I've seen this at several of his events -- people just won't shut up! While obviously one of his motives is self promotion, he is also trying to build a sense of community, and you should be thankful. His dances are some of the best in the Bay Area for our age group, and I think you owe him a few minutes of attention when he does his thing. Then you can get back to flirting and dancing!

Hope to see you all tonight, and at the ball next week!

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Rich Gosse said...

Glad you enjoyed the Lock & Key & Dance. One of our most successful parties! Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, it's hard to get everyone's attention when they are having fun. I hate to intrude on the partying, but I have to use the microphone to impart some important info.


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