Monday, December 11, 2006

Parties, Dec 9-10

The heavy rains hit, and I was in a panic. So much time and expense goes into planning and promoting singles parties, then the weather turns sour. But the clouds had a silver lining: two very nice parties this past weekend.

On Friday, Dec 9, we did our first-ever party at Los Gatos Lodge, which used to be the hottest singles spot in the Silicon Valley. Why not do a singles party in this venue, with so much history? Terrific turnout, in spite of the heavy rain. In fact, the foul weather probably was fortuitous, because if we had 50 more people we couldn't have fit them in! We kicked off the party with a Lock & Key Mixer, then turned the show over to DJ HickeyB!, who is the owner of Choice Music. Another terric job, the dance floor was packed until late.

On Saturday we did America's first-ever Cider Tasting Party for Singles, coincidentally at America's first Cider Pub, Ace-in-the-Hole Pub in Sebastopol. Great food, good turnout, and live jazz to boot!

This coming weekend we only have one party, Friday, December 15. We do a lot of wine tasting parties, but this is our first one with Food Pairings. We call it The Battle of the Pinots, because singles will be tasting two French and two California Pinot Noirs. $10 at the door includes both the wines and the food pairings--such a deal! More details at

Hope to see you Friday!


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