Sunday, September 14, 2008

Singles Parties, September 9-13, 2008

3 singles events this past week:
  • MidLife Singles Mixer, Tuesday, Sep 9, at The Spinnaker in Sausalito. Great crowd, as always, whenever we do a party at this beautiful upscale restaurant, with such great views of SF and the Bay! We lucked out with the weather, as the fog was high up, leaving SF to be viewed in all of its glory.
  • Free Financial Planning Seminar & Social for Singles, Wednesday, Sep 10, at Trader Vic's in Emeryville. Another spectacular location and a good turnout (for a financial seminar). One of our regulars complained that the seminar presented by Timothy R. Yee of Cathedral Financial was too sales-oriented. I wasn't there (I just sponsored the event) so I can't argue that point, but what I will say is that Timothy donated his time and paid for the free appetizers, so we are grateful to him. Of course he is hoping to pick up clients. Why else would he be doing this for free? In today's difficult economy, with so many singles ill-prepared for their future retirement, we need knowledgeable speakers like Timothy to enlighten us!
  • Singles Extravaganza, Saturday, Sep 13, at The Clarion Hotel in Millbrae. Our yearly signature event lived up to its billing once again, with a humongous turnout! The dance floor was packed all night, following seminars by authors Jerusha Stewart and George Joyce, and representatives of the leading singles organizations in the Bay Area. Everyone loved this gorgeous ballroom, with high ceilings and spectacular chandeliers!

Next week features three more great parties:

  • SingleMingle, Tuesday, Sep 16, at Englund's Bistro in Concord. This is a new venue for us, suggested by one of our singles. Nice atmosphere for an intimate Tuesday night party. Only $10 at the door includes fun Mixer Game, with prizes, plus appetizers for those who arrive on time.
  • End of Summer Ball, Friday, Sep 19, at David's Restaurant in Santa Clara. We haven't done a party at this lovely restaurant in quite some time, so we are definitely overdue! I will wear my tux, of course. Most gentlemen don't own a tux, but you can certainly wear a nice suit, hopefully. The women love to dress up, so here's your chance to wear that lovely dress sitting in your closet for years, because it's too fancy for a normal event. This is a special event, so dress up for this one, PLEASE! In addition to the dance party, 8pm-12, there is a Progressive Dinner option (prepaid only, at additional cost) at 7pm, where the gentlemen change tables after each course and get to meet all of the ladies BEFORE the dancing begins!
  • Lock & Key Dance, Saturday, Sep 20, at Sinbad's in San Francisco. Our last Lock & Key at this marvelous waterfront restaurant was such a big success, we are repeating it!

More details about these and many more singles events at See you at the parties!


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Timothy R Yee said...

Good afternoon, folks,

I am sorry for my tardy reply but it has been hectic in the markets these past few weeks. First, thank you to all who attended our event at Trader Vic's. We had a good turnout and a lively discussion. To Rich's point, there are a variety of reasons I offer these seminars. One is that nearly 70% of my clients are single. As such, I am attuned a bit better than most planners to the needs of singles. Also, I believe what T. Rowe Price himself said back in the 30s - an educated investor makes the best choices. To that end, I believe in providing education!

The event is not designed as a sales event. Indeed, we did not ask the attendees for their contact information and we did not call them. Our feeling is that if we added value and are credible then those who are interested will contact us.

On a more personal note, another reason I offer these talks is that I have seen first hand what happens when bad advice is acted on. It can have a stunning financial impact on the person. I try to help people avoid these situations where and when I can.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the 14th of October at Massimo's in Fremont.

My best,

Timothy R. Yee


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