Friday, December 29, 2006

Parties, Dec 15-23

We sponsored 4 holiday parties over this period, and they all went well.

Our Napa-Sonoma Wine Tasting Party on Dec 15 had terrific food pairings with the wine, and everyone appeared to have fun. Smaller crowd than expected, probably because a lot of people didn't know where American Canyon is!

Our Sausalito party on Dec 19, on the other hand, had a much larger crowd than expected--125 singles, which is a humongous crowd for a Tuesday night! The food was terrific, as usual. People stayed late, because the energy level was high. Clear night, so we had a great view of SF and the Bay! Unlike our previous party in the same location, the male-female ratio was good, thank God.

Our Young Single Professionals Party on Dec 21 had a nice turnout. Barbara Millin, who ran the party, reports that the White Elephant gift exchange was lots of fun.

The Art & Wine Tasting Party in San Francisco on Dec 23 was very well-attended. Lots of new faces, fun crowd. Once again, a good male-female ratio. Hope that continues at our upcoming wine tasting parties, January 7 at a 1927 Spanish Mansion; and January 20 at Evolving Art Gallery in SF.

We are all looking forward to the biggest party night of the year, New Year's Eve. This year our bash will be at the Sheraton Palo Alto, and it will be a massive crowd! Details about all of our upcoming parties at

Happy New Year!


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