Saturday, January 13, 2007

Golden Gate Yacht Club Party, Jan 12

We did it again! Another massive turnout at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, Friday, Jan 12, despite the fact that it was the coldest day of the year. I guess people like this venue! Alas, while I was very pleased with the turnout, we had two serious problems. First, the coat rack collapsed, as people piled on too many coats. Second, the music was substandard. Sorry about that. People had a great time, regardless. The dance floor was packed all night. Next time at the Yacht Club we will do better!

We are slowing down the pace of frenetic parties, beginning next weekend with only one party: Art & Wine Tasting Party on Saturday, Jan 15, at a new location, Evolving Art Gallery, in SF. The following weekend features two parties, a TGIF for Young Single Professionals on Friday, Jan 26 at Lion & Compass in Sunnyvale; and a Lock & Key & Dance on Saturday, Jan 27 at the Sheraton San Jose.

That's the lull before the storm, as we move into February with 8 Meet Your Valentine Parties! More details at


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