Sunday, October 05, 2008

Singles Parties, October 2 - 4, 2008

I felt a little "snake-bit" at our Waterfront Singles Mixer at Hong Kong East Ocean Restaurant in Emeryville on Thursday, October 2. In recent parties we have been killed by competition from mega-events on TV, such as the Opening of the Olympic Games, Obama and Palin acceptance speeches, and the first Obama-McCain Debate. This time it was the much-anticipated Palin-Biden debate, which attracted huge numbers of viewers and left a small crowd to attend our party. Too bad, because the view and food were great, and those who came had a very nice time meeting new friends.

The next night, Friday, October 3, we did a Young Single Professionals Party at The Cellar in San Francisco. No major competing TV event, so the place was packed.

We concluded the weekend with a smaller-than-anticipated turnout for the Relationships Convention for Singles at the Hilton Newark/Fremont. It's a shame, because it was a huge, gorgeous ballroom, with the high ceilings, elegant chandeliers, and huge dance floor that our singles enjoy so much. Our Keynote Speaker, author Wendy Merrill, gave a memorable address, and DJ Mike from Startracks did an excellent job with the music!

Next weekend features three more parties:
  • Singles Salsa Party, Thursday, Oct 9, at Cafe Cocomo in San Francisco. Should be a big crowd, since this is our annual salsa party, with free salsa dance lesson, 8 piece live salsa band, food, mixer game, etc. for only $10! This is a huge club, so we need a big crowd. SABOR Salsa Singles Meetup is helping us promote this one.
  • Lock & Key Dance, Friday, Oct 10, at Renaissance ClubSport Hotel in Walnut Creek. Our Walnut Creek parties always are a big draw!
  • North Bay Singles Convention, Saturday, Oct 11, at Flamingo Resort Hotel in Santa Rosa. This is the largest annual gathering of romantic eligibles in the North Bay. This year we are GUARANTEEING that everyone who attends will find love in the next 6 months or get their money back! There is a catch, of course: they have to follow at least half of my Top 10 List of the Best Ways to Find Love Quickly, based on my book, You CAN Hurry Love.

More info about all of our events at See you at the parties!


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