Sunday, February 04, 2007

Parties, Feb 1-3

We kicked off this year's seven Meet Your Valentine parties with two fun events in San Francisco and Fremont. The SF party on Feb 1st attracted a BIG crowd, and they thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the live music of The Shitones, who mainly played classic hits from the past. I recognized all of their songs. The food was delicious at Park Chalet Restaurant. Surprisingly, very few of our singles seemed to participate in our Mixer Game. I guess they didn't need the game to meet new friends. Usually people are very shy and afraid of strangers, so they need some kind of icebreaker. Not this crowd.

Our Fremont party on Saturday, Feb 3, was smaller, but still very well-attended (especially for a small city like Fremont). In contrast to the SF party, people were very excited about the Mixer Game. One guy even mentioned how AGRESSIVE the women were in approaching him, in their attempts to win the game! Very surprising, since, as noted above, most singles are quite shy at parties. Massimo's Restaurant put out a massive amount of appetizers. People certainly could have skipped dinner that night and not gone home hungry!

Some cooks at our parties are more generous with appetizers than others, so the safest policy is to eat dinner before coming to one of our events, unless it specifically says "dinner buffet" or "heavy appetizers." Otherwise, you're taking your chances.

This coming week features three more Meet Your Valentine Parties. On Thursday, Feb 8, we do our first-ever party at Gaylord's, a very nice Indian restaurant, formerly known as Sally Stanford's Valhalla. Sally was the notorious madam who eventually was elected Mayor of Sausalito! This is a Lock & Key Mixer (women get locks; men get keys) for two hours, with complimentary appetizers first hour. Please note that this is NOT a dance party.

On Friday, Feb 9, we hold our annual Valentine's Gala Dance, this time at Michael's Restaurant Ballroom at Shoreline Park in Mt View. Feb 9 is my birthday (and also that of my wife Debby). That's right, we were both born on the same month and day (different years)! We met at one of my singles parties 8-1/2 years ago. Barbara Millin of Singles Supper Club will be running this party, while Debby and I celebrate our birthday privately. Barbara tells me it is a lovely venue, overlooking the Bay. Miguel Guidos, owner of Startracks, will be our DJ. He is very popular with our singles.

Our largest party of the year in the East Bay is our annual East Bay Singles Convention, Saturday, Feb 10, at the Hilton Garden Hotel Convention Center in Emeryville (conveniently located just off Hwy 80, near the Bay Bridge). This year we are calling it the Meet Your Valentine Convention. I will be delivering an entertaining Keynote Address, "Finding Love in 2007," based on a talk I have given to many thousands of singles throughout the major cities of the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I am making a guarantee at the convention that no one else makes: You will find love in 2007 or receive a 100% refund! There's a catch, however. You have to follow at least half of my Top 10 List of the Best Ways to Find Love. A Dance Party follows my keynote, featuring the great music of DJ Kurt Montgomery (better-known as HickeyB!), owner of Choice Music. Also very popular with our singles.

Hope to see you at the parties!


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