Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Singles Parties, Jan 18-25, 2008

While I was escorting 40 singles on a Club Med Turks and Caicos Vacation, we had five singles parties in the Bay Area, hosted by my associates. It was a great week of fun in the sun and a most congenial group, almost evenly split between men and women. We have lots of great trips coming up. Details at www.SinglesTravelCompany.com.

Our Lock & Key & Dance on Jan 18 was at the beautiful Grand Salon of the Radisson Hotel in Dublin. Big turnout. Thank you to Patrick Dalal of LockandKeyMatch.com and Jim Spillane for running the party while I was relaxing in the Caribbean! Next Lock & Key & Dance will be on Friday, Feb 22 at Illusions in Palo Alto.

Our second party that weekend, Saturday, Jan 19, was our first-ever party at Roe Restaurant in San Francisco. Barbara Millin of Singles Supper Club, who ran the Young Single Professionals Party, reports a very large crowd attended, and enjoyed both the fun Mixer Game and the Dance Party that followed. Thank you to Barbara and also to Mayra of SABOR Meetup Group, for their help with the party!

We concluded the weekend with a Free Single Travel Party on Sunday, Jan 20, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Concord. Ann Thomas of The Singles Travel Company hosted that party for us.

The next weekend we had only two parties, beginning on Thursday night, Jan 24, with our Mid-Life Singles Mixer and Live Band Dance at Number One Broadway in Los Gatos. Jim Spillane ran that party for me and reports a very good turnout and a fine performance by The Joint Chiefs. Author Mason Grigsby was scheduled to give a short talk about Mid-Life Dating, but was called out of state on short notice to help with a business merger. Annie Gleason of Get a Love Life filled in for Mason and gave an entertaining talk, I am told. Thank you Annie!

Our second party that weekend, Friday, Jan 25, was waylaid by a big storm, so we had a much smaller crowd than usual at our dance parties. It's a shame, because the Westin Hotel SFO in Millbrae provided us with a huge, beautiful ballroom. Barbara Millin reports that DJ Slick did a fine job of spinning the tunes, and people enjoyed the party, but we were kind of lost in such a huge ballroom. We hope to do another party soon at the Westin and attract our usual crowd of several hundred, weather-permitting.

Valentine's Day is the most dreaded day of the year for singles. No one enjoys being alone on V-Day. That's why we have scheduled 8 Meet Your Valentine Parties:

Jan 29, The Spinnaker in Sausalito.
Feb 1, Spengers in Berkeley
Feb 2, Graziano's in Petaluma
Feb 7, Faz in Danville
Feb 8, Michael's in Mtn View
Feb 9, California Modern Art Gallery in SF
Feb 14, Embassy Suites in Napa
Feb 15, Concord Hilton

Details about all the parties at www.ThePartyHotline.com. See you at the parties!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Singles Parties, Jan 8-12, 2008

Quite a variety of parties this past week. We started with a Tuesday night Mixer at a new location for us--Hungry Hunter in Fairfield. Not a big crowd, due to the rain, but everyone appeared to make contact and have fun. The food was terrific. We actually had some left over, probably because the #1 New Years Resolution in America each year is to lose weight!

Our Lock & Key & Dance on Friday, Jan 11 was extremely well-attended, with lots of new faces. This is my second dance party at this location, but I missed the first one because I was escorting 40 singles to Greece and Turkey last September. So I didn't know there was no dance floor in the big banquet room at Sinbad's Restaurant, until I showed up to run this party. Surprisingly, no one complained. It was just too great of a party for people to mind it!

Likewise our Wine Tasting & Dance Party Saturday, Jan 12 at Alberto's Nightclub in Mountain View attracted a big crowd. In our early publicity we had stated that there would be a live band at this party. Unfortunately, the nightclub cancelled the live band only a few days before the party. I was able to change the info on my website and also in the email blast to my 9,700 singles to state that instead of live music we would have DJ HickeyB! playing your favorite hits early in the evening, to be followed by the House DJ playing Latin music. Suprisingly nobody complained about this. Either they got the info in time about the change in music, or they had so much fun they just didn't care. Either way, it's great to do two excellent parties with a minimum of complaints!

Next weekend we have three parties, beginning Friday night, Jan 18, with our first-ever party at the Radisson Hotel's Grand Salon in Dublin. Should be an extra large turnout, because our singles love new places to party!

Our Young Single Professionals Party, for late 20s to early 40s, is on Saturday, Jan 19, at another new location for us, Roe Restaurant in San Francisco. Our fun Mixer Game is followed by a Dance Party. For those of you on the other end of the age spectrum, we have a Mid-Life Singles Party (50+) on Thursday, Jan 24, in Los Gatos. We have a terrific live band that night, The Joints Chiefs.

We conclude the weekend with another Free Single Travel Party on Sunday, Jan 20, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Concord. Our two single travel parties earlier this month, in Sunnyvale and San Rafael, were both well-attended, despite the rain, and we expect an even larger crowd for this one, weather-permitting.

Our largest party of the second half of January is likely to be our WINTER NIGHT DELIGHT PARTY on Friday, Jan 25 at the Westin Hotel SFO Ballroom in Millbrae, co-sponsored with Singles Supper Club. Dance to your favorite hits with DJ Slick.

More details at www.ThePartyHotline.com. Have fun at the parties!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Singles Parties, Jan 4-6, 2008

Well, we survived THE GREAT STORM OF 2008! Bad timing for us to be doing five parties in one weekend.

The worst of the storm was on Friday, Jan 4, when we had our Monterey Singles Convention. I seriously considered cancelling the party, since the weatherman was predicting the worst storm in years, but decided to take a chance and hold the party anyway. I was forced to cancel the DJ, because power was interrupted twice at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and they told me if it happened again they could not supply juice to the DJ. So we reduced the price from $20 to $10 and just had a seminar, no dance. Author Susan Bradley kindly agreed to give the Keynote Address, since Jeannine Kaiser, who was supposed to give the Keynote, did not want to drive under perilous conditions all the way from San Ramon to Monterey. I also skipped the party, since I would be driving down all the way from San Rafael.

Many thanks to Susan Bradley for making it possible for us to hold a scaled down version of the party. She says that the crowd was enthusiastic and had lots of fun.

We have rescheduled the Monterey Bay Singles Convention for Friday, Feb 29, same hotel, same times, same speaker, same topic, same moneyback guarantee. This time we hope we don't have torrential rains, hurricane winds, and frequent power interruptions!

Our other four parties were much better-attended and went extremely well. On Saturday we held our annual Marin Singles Convention at Servino's Ristorante, with a great view of San Francisco, despite the rain. High energy party, great crowd. Author Carlos Xuma did another fine job as keynote speaker for us, discussing "Bridging the Gap Between Men and Women."

We also had two free Single Travel Parties, Saturday afternoon in Sunnyvale, and Sunday afternoon in San Rafael. Very good turnouts, despite the rain. Ann Thomas, Director of The Singles Travel Company, gave entertaining slide presentations about single travel, followed by socializing, drinks, and dinner for those who stayed.

The Grand Finale was our first-ever New Years Resolutions Mixer (our Mixer Game, with prizes to the winners, involves learning about everyone's resolutions) on Sunday, Jan 6, at Kincaid's Restaurant on the Burlingame waterfront. Excellent turnout (again, despite the rain) and the food was terrific (although it ran out all to quickly). We warn people that the food is for those who arrive on time. If you want to be fashionably late, that's ok, but you may not get fed. Some people, unfortunately, don't understand the difference between appetizers and dinner, so often the food doesn't last.

We will do another New Years Resolutions Mixer this coming Tuesday, Jan 8, at a new location for us, Hungry Hunter in Fairfield. Then we return to Sinbad's Restaurant next to the Ferry Bldg along the water in San Francisco for another excellent Lock & Key & Dance Party on Friday, Jan 11. We conclude next weekend with another Wine Tasting & Live Band Dance Party on Saturday, Jan 12 at Alberto's Night Club in Mtn View. Hope this one is as good as the last one!

Details about all the parties at www.ThePartyHotline.com. See you at the parties!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

4 New Years Eve Parties, December 28-31, 2007

We were 4 for 4 over the long New Years Eve Weekend, with terrific turnouts! The big one was on Friday night, Dec 28, in the luxurious Colonial Ballroom, with the fancy chandeliers and 24 foot ceilings, at the world-famous Westin St Francis Hotel on Union Square. On Saturday we had a very nice crowd at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Concord. Then, on New Years Eve, Monday, Dec 31, we had two bashes. The big one was at Arthurs Restaurant in Santa Clara, which was run by Barbara Millin of Singles Supper Club. Barbara reports that there was a huge crowd and that the party went well (and that the massive amount of food we bought miraculously lasted throughout the evening!) I heard a few complaints about the bar service being slow and the dance floor not being large enough. Sorry about that.

While Barbara ran our South Bay NYE party, I ran the North Bay bash at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. It's a lovely ballroom and we are very grateful to the Flamingo for having us, but for the first two hours it was just too huge. At 11pm it finally got crowded and we wound up having a tremendous party, thanks to the terrific work of DJ Darryl K.

The Number One New Years Resolution singles have is to meet new friends in the new year. That's why all of our parties in early January are always packed. So we have FIVE more parties this coming weekend. On Friday, Jan 4 we hold our annual Monterey Bay Singles Convention at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey. Jeannine Kaiser, "America's Dating Coach," author of Dating IQ, will deliver the Keynote, followed by a Dance Party.

On Saturday, Jan 5 we have two parties. The first is our annual Marin Singles Convention, at Servino's Ristorante in Tiburon, with a spectacular view of SF and the Bay. Author Carlos Xuma will give an entertaining talk, followed by a great dance party with DJ Darryl K, who did such a great job on NYE at the Flamingo.

Also on Saturday, Ann Thomas of The Singles Travel Company, will host our annual Silicon Valley Free Single Travel Party, at Tarragon Restaurant in Sunnyvale. She will present a Slide Show on affordable single travel to exotic destinations worldwide. There will also be lots of socializing. Ann will repeat the party in the North Bay the following day, Sunday, Jan 6, at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in San Rafael. Admission is FREE to both parties!

On Sunday, Jan 6 we do our New Years Resolutions Mixer at a lovely new location for us, Kincaid's Restaurant along the water in Burlingame. Meet new friends as you learn ahout their New Years resolutions!

Details at www.ThePartyHotline.com. Happy New Year!