Sunday, August 27, 2006

Parties, Aug 25 & 26

Our Lock & Key & Dance Party at the Sheraton San Jose on Friday, Aug 25 was very well-attended. Lots of compliments to our DJs, Clyde & Cindy English of New Horizons, who did a wonderful job. We have them scheduled to also DJ next Friday's party, Sept 1, which is an Art & Wine Tasting Party at Linen Life Art Gallery in Emeryville. Dancing follows the Wine Tasting.

Our Lady in Red Party on Saturday, Aug 26 was a lot of fun. It was great to see so many women dressed in red, my favorite color! Normally you don't see red very often at a party. I'm told that's because women think red makes them look fat. The women looked great last night! We let the women in red outfits attend for half-price, and they appreciated the discount. We are thinking of doing the same for our men. How does a Men in Black Party sound? If you have suggestions for new locations or new party themes, please share them!

Also Saturday night we co-sponsored Your Asian Connection's 6th Anniversary Party. I haven't heard back from Julia about the party, but I'm sure it went well. Congrats to Julia and her staff for six successful years. Lots of people think it's easy to host singles parties and run a dating website. Try it and you'll find out how difficult it really is!

Next weekend, in addition to the one already mentioned above in Emeryville, we have two more parties:
1. Our regular Saturday Night Singles party at the Embassy Suites San Rafael.
2. Our annual Labor Day Weekend Holiday Party in Burlingame. This time we have moved from the Embassy Suites Burlingame to a new location--The Vinyl Room, also in Burlingame, with new DJ Sivan playing your favorite hits. We always get a great turnout in Burlingame on Labor Day Sunday, because Monday is a holiday.

Hope to see you at one of more of our parties this coming weekend.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Parties, Aug 18-19

Author Teresa Ann Foxworthy was our Keynote Speaker at the North Bay Singles Convention on Friday, Aug 19. She presented a great mix of lecture/audience participation. Great way to kick off the convention, which was the largest event of the year for singles in the North Bay.

At Saturday Night Singles, National Salsa Champion Yvonne Benavides of Stars Ballroom gave us a fun lesson at our Salsa Party. Then we celebrated Dr. Janet Hecht's birthday enthusiastically, with dancing and birthday cake. Janet runs our Saturday Night Singles parties when I am out of town doing other parties.

Next weekend we have two parties. The big one will be our Lock & Key & Dance at the Sheraton San Jose on Friday, Aug 25. Our last Lock & Key at this venue was well-attended, so we're doing it again. If you haven't been to a Lock & Key, you owe it to yourself to discover why they are so popular. This is the easiest way to meet everyone of the opposite sex at a party!

Saturday Night Singles features our annual Lady in Red party. Half price admission (only $5!) for women in red outfits. Gentlemen, here is your chance to meet that very special lady in red! Embassy Suites San Rafael.

For more info on all of our singles parties, visit See you at the parties!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Parties, Aug 10-13, 2006

For the first time we did Wine Tasting and Beer Tasting parties in the same week. Great turnouts for both! The Beer Tasting was at the San Francisco Brewing Co. on Thursday, Aug 10. The historic venue was terrific--the last standing saloon in SF, where Heavyweight Boxing Champ Jack Dempsey was a bouncer and Public Enemy #1, Baby Face Nelson was captured by the FBI. The appetizers were plentiful and delicious, as was the beer. This was so successful that we are planning several Beer Tasting parties during Oktoberfest, all over the Bay Area. More details later.

The Wine Tasting Party was on Sunday, Aug 13 at the Kirkland Ranch Winery in the lovely Napa countryside. I'm so glad we did this far away from the thousands of tourists jamming up Hwy 29 in the Napa Valley! We have 3 more Wine Tasting parties coming up on Fridays in September: 9/1 in Emeryville; 9/15 in Santa Clara; and 9/29 in SF.

Our Lock and Key and Dance Party was held on Saturday, Aug 12 at Blush Nightclub in Burlingame. Not a big crowd, but very friendly and high-energy. Also that night we had our regular Saturday Night Singles party in San Rafael. I only caught the tail-end of that one, because I was running the party earlier in Burlingame, but people looked like they had a lot of fun. Next Lock & Key & Dance is on Friday, Aug 25 at the Sheraton San Jose.

Only 2 parties this coming weekend (usually we have 3 or 4). On Friday, Aug 18 we host the annual North Bay Singles Convention at the Flamingo Resort Hotel Ballroom in Santa Rosa. This will be the biggest party of the year for singles in the North Bay. Our Keynote Speaker, author Teresa Ann Foxworthy, has an entertaining talk planned for us on Love in the 21st Century, followed by our DJ playing your favorite hits. At Saturday Night Singles in San Rafael, Aug 19, we have a Salsa Party scheduled. Yvonne Benavidez, champion Salsa Dancer and Instructor, will provide salsa dance lesson early in the evening, followed by a Dance Party featuring all kinds of music, including salsa.

CARPOOLING: We don't have the staff to coordinate this, but if you want to ride with other singles going to our parties, feel free to use this blog to ask for or offer a ride. Just give your email address in your blog posting, so our singles can contact you for carpooling.

More info about all of our parties available at See you at the parties!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Parties, Aug 3-6, 2006

I'm recovering from a whirlwind weekend of four singles parties! It started on Thursday night with a great party at Number One Broadway in Los Gatos. We were overwhelmed by 130 singles, which is a terrific turnout for a Thursday! After our fun mixer, with appetizers, Lara Price & Velvet Plum peformed a great medley of many of my favorite hits. Judging by the reaction of the crowd, they loved it as well. Lara has a great voice. Unfotunately the sound system was not the best, but we had a great time anyway!

On Friday we had an even bigger crowd (of course) for our annual Contra Costa Singles Convention. Author Francesca Gentille set the tone with an inspiring keynote address on Flirting... Italian Style. The dance floor was packed until almost midnight, as Stone Age DJ spun a nice blend of old and new hits. The only negative was one "gentleman" who caused quite a commotion during the party. We have requested that he not attend any of our future parties. If you can't handle your liquor, you shouldn't attend a party! We pride ourselves that we are all moderate drinkers. That's why lovely hotels such as the Renaissance ClubSport are eager to serve as the venues for our parties.

Saturday night's party at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael was fun, except for the beer spill. That's why we insist that no glasses be on the dance floor. The young lady was apologetic, and got a towel from the bar and cleaned the mess herself.

Speaking of beer, Sunday afternoon's party Beer Tasting Party at the Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa had a small turnout, but we had fun. Vinnie, the owner, was most gracious and most generous with both the beer and the food. And the Live Band, Phat, was very entertaining. Quite a value for only $10!

We are expecting a much larger crowd in San Francisco (of course) for our Barbary Coast Beer Tasting Party this coming Thursday, August 10, at the SF Brewing Company. This historic building is a must-see. Visit our website at for all the details about this exciting venue.

If beer is not your cup of tea (sorry for mixing metaphors), come to our Napa Winery Party on Sunday, Aug 13. We have our own exclusive wine tasting party, 1:30-4pm, in the lovely Cedar Room, which can hold up to 250 singles. Please spread the word to all your friends, because it will be embarrassing to me if we don't get the big crowd I promised! $10 includes tasting some great wines, plus light hors d'eouvres. What a lovely location for a Sunday afternoon drive, in the bucolic Napa countryside! Far away from the thousands of tourists on Hwy 29.

We return to Blush Nightclub for another fun party on Saturday, Aug 12. Sorry we had to turn away some people at our last party there (July 15). Just too many singles that night! We will be more careful this time, and promise we won't turn anyone away. The nightclub is exclusively ours for our Lock & Key Mixer, 7:30-10pm. Afrter 10 we have to share the nightclub with the general public. The DJ will play "house" music. We have no control over what is played.

Also on Saturday, as always, we have our Saturday Night Singles party in San Rafael.

Hope to see you at one or more of our four parties this coming weekend! More details at

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Parties, July 25-29, 2006

We had great weather for our first-ever GenX party, on Tuesday, July 25, but not enough men in that age group attended. A few obviously much older gentlemen showed up, wanting to meet younger women. There has to be a way to reach men born between 1961 and 1981, but we haven't figured it out yet. Maybe you have some suggestions...?

Our two Dances by the Bay were big successes. On Friday we visited a lovely new location, Pasta Pelican Restaurant. The appetizers were delicious and plentiful and everyone I spoke with enjoyed the lovely view. The one negative was that a few people had trouble finding it. We will definitely do another party there in the future. Our Golden Gate Yacht Club party on Saturday had almost 300 attendees. This venue always attracts the big numbers! High energy crowd. Terrific weather, so people were able to enjoy the outdoor decks.

Dr. Janet Hecht, who runs our Saturday Night Singles parties in San Rafael, reports that the July 29 party had a good crowd and great food. Our DJ, Mike Keating, did a nice job, as always. Unfortunately we had a few rowdy people who obviously had too much to drink. They were spraying each other with water to cool down, so Janet had to temporarily turn on the lights, turn off the music, and clear the dance floor, so it could be dried off. People calmed down after that and the party went well until midnight. We want you to have a good time at the parties, but all good things in moderation, please.

Francesca Gentille, who is our Keynote Speaker at the Contra Costa Singles Convention this coming Friday, August 4, was interviewed for a long segment on Channel 7 on Monday afternoon. She was quite entertaining as she revealed why Italians are the best flirts, and how Americans can learn to flirt like Italians. We expect a big crowd at the convention, which not only features Francesca, but also a giant dance party, at the lovely Renaissance ClubSport Hotel Ballroom in Walnut Creek.

This coming Thursday, Aug 3, we do our first-ever party in Los Gatos at Number One Broadway Nightclub. It starts with a fun mixer, 7:30-9:30pm, including appetizers first hour, followed by dancing to the live music of Lara Price & The Velvet Plum. Helluva deal for only $10!

On Sunday, Aug 6, we do our first-ever Beer Tasting Party in Sonoma County at Russian River Brewing Company in downtown Santa Rosa. After enjoying some great beers, 3-5pm, with appetizers, everyone is invited to stay for live music. Again, for $10, helluva deal.

As the world's largest non-profit singles organization we pride ourselves on the fact that we not only do more parties for singles, in more locations, than anyone else, but also do them affordably. Our Saturday Night Singles parties, every Saturday in San Rafael, are always $10, and not only include a DJ playing your favorite hits, but also hot hors d'oeuvres the first hour, in a lovely hotel with free parking. Most of our other parties are $10-$20. Occasionally we charge $25, as in the case of our Golden Gate Yacht Club party last Saturday, but that included not only dancing, but also a delicious buffet dinner. Our most expensive parties usually are our Wine Tasting Parties ($30), but bear in mind that that includes tasting 15-20 wines from boutique wineries, plus appetizers. Also bear in mind that you can always prepay for the wine tasting parties (and many of our other parties) for a $10 discount. It pays to commit early!

Hope to see you at one of our four parties this coming weekend! More details at