Sunday, December 23, 2007

Singles Parties, December 20-22, 2007

I guess everyone is looking for a party on the weekend before Christmas, because we had terrific turnouts for all three of our parties!

The fun began on Thursday night, Dec 20, with our Waterfront Mixer at Gaylord's Restaurant in Sausalito. They say "be careful what you wish for..." I always want a huge crowd, but in this case it created the problem of the bartenders not being able to keep up with the customers. I apologize to those of you who had to wait so long for a drink, but there was no way to predict that big of a crowd was going to show up. Of course there would have been more bartenders if we had known in advance, but alas, we're not psychic.

Huge crowd the next night (Friday) at Illusions Night Club in Palo Alto. Great turnout not only for the dance party, but for the progressive dinner earlier. Unfortunately some of the dinners came out a little cold. Sorry about that.

We concluded the weekend with our largest Wine Tasting Party of 2007, at California Modern Art Museum in SF. People just love this place--always a great crowd there. Spacious, great art. The only negative is that the neighborhood is not the best, but I guess you can't have everything!

New Years Eve is the premiere party night of the year, so we've scheduled FOUR parties (two are Pre-New Years Eve parties, in San Francisco (Dec 28) and Concord (Dec 29); and two are New Years Eve Bashes, in Santa Rosa and Santa Clara (Dec 31). Hopefully at least one of these four parties is close to you.

The SF Pre-New Years Eve Party in San Francisco on Friday, Dec 28 is SPECIAL. It is at the world-famous Westin St Francis Hotel on Union Square. It not only features a giant Dance Party, but is preceded by an entertaining talk by myself on "Meet Your Mate in 2008." For the first time ever, anywhere in the world (to the best of my knowledge), we are guaranteeting that everyone who attends who seeks marriage will meet their marital partner in 2008, or receive a 100% refund!

Details about all the parties at Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Singles Parties, December 14-15, 2008

Our Wine Tasting & Dance Party on Friday, Dec 14 was one of our better ones! Some crowds are hot and others are not. Tonight's was hot, which was great, considering it was pretty cold outside! After the wine tasting party, the Blend Night Club House DJ played all of our favorite hits from the past. The dance floor was packed.

Next night, Saturday, Dec 15, we did a Lock & Key Mixer at Kimball's at Jack London Square. Not as large a crowd, but our singles thoroughly enjoyed the party.

This coming weekend features 3 more parties, beginning on Thursday night, Dec 20, with our Waterfront Holiday Mixer at Gaylord's in Sausalito, with a terrific view of SF and the Bay. On Friday, Dec 21 we have our Christmas Dance (with optional progressive dinner) at Illusions Night Club in Palo (where we had our fun party on Dec 8). We conclude the weekend by returning to our most popular venue for Wine Tasting parties, California Modern Art Gallery.

Details at See you at the parties!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Singles Parties, December 3-8, 2007

Ah, the ups and downs of doing singles parties! Two parties were well-attended. The third was a disaster!

We started the week off well with a holiday mixer at the historic Pleasanton Hotel on December 3. We haven't done a Monday night party in many years, because that's the slowest night in the party business. We need not have worried. Great crowd for a Monday night and people stayed late, they were having so much fun!

We thought our next party, Thursday, Dec 6, at the Seahorse Saloon would also be well-attended, since it was our first-ever in Pacifica. Alas, it rained, and we had our smallest crowd of the year (out of 150 parties, this was the lowest turnout). I don't know if it was the rain or just people not knowing where Pacifica is, but our singles did not come. I was embarrassed and offered people their money back, but they all declined and had a good time despite the small numbers. Quality, not quantity!

Our third party of the week, on Saturday, Dec 8, was co-sponsored with Your Asian Connection. Excellent gender balance, approximately half men/half women. About half were Asian and half were non-Asian. DJ HickeyB! spun his usual magic and the dance floor was packed all night in the spectacular Illusions Night Club!

Only two parties this coming weekend. On Friday, Dec 14 we have two parties for the price of one: a Wine Tasting and Dance Party at Blend Night Club in Danville. We packed the place on a Tuesday night a few months ago, and expect an even larger turnout this time on a Friday! On Saturday, Dec 15, we do our only Lock & Key Mixer over the holidays, so that one should also be crowded.

Details are on our website at See you at the parties!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Singles Parties, Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2007

Three well-attended parties this past week, beginning with our Mid-Life Singles Party Wednesday night, Nov 28, at Park Chalet in San Francisco. Obviously a tremendous need in this age group, because our monthly Mid-Life Singles parties always attract a crowd! On the other end of the age spectrum, we also do monthly Young Single Professional parties.

Our Wine Tasting Party at Etiquette Lounge in San Francisco on Friday night was also crowded. The neighborhood was not the best, but the venue itself was fun and attractive.

We concluded the week with a large dance party at one of our most popular locations, the Clarion Hotel in Millbrae. You can't beat the luxurious ballroom, with high ceilings and beautiful chandeliers. A classy place to meet new friends!

We have another 3 parties this coming week, beginning with the Pleasanton Hotel on Monday, Dec 3. We have a fun Holiday Mixer Game, where you get to meet everyone and possibly win a prize. Also appetizers for those who arrive on time. I tell people if you want to come fashionably late, that's ok, but you won't get fed!

On Thursday, Dec 6 we do our first-ever Pacifica party. Funny that we have never done Pacifica before, considering that my dad has lived there for over half a century. Our Pacifica singles have been driving to our parties all over the Bay Area for the past 29 years. It's time we brought the party to them! The San Mateo Coast is jammed with singles who have nowhere to go to meet people. Hopefully this party will be well-attended and we can do the San Mateo Coast regularly from now on.

We conclude next week with an Asian/Non-Asian Holiday Dinner Dance at the gorgeous Illusions Night Club in Palo Alto. Very high ceilings, beautiful lights, huge wooden dance floor, belly dancer, free parking, this place has it all! Plus a delicious optional Progressive Dinner, where you change tables after each course, so you get to meet everyone BEFORE the dancing starts. We are co-sponsoring with Your Asian Connection, so it should be a very large turnout. Asian singles are invited to meet both Asian and non-Asian singles; and of course vice versa. Adults of all ages and all races welcome. Should be quite a party!

More details about all of our singles events at See you at the parties!