Sunday, June 18, 2006

Parties, June 15-17, 2006

This week we had two Lock & Key parties, a Wine Tasting Party, and a Single Fathers Day Party.

The first Lock & Key was on Thursday, June 15 at the Flamingo Resort Hotel in Santa Rosa. Great venue, terrific food. It was the best Lock & Key we've had so far (I guess we're learning how to do it right!) The big plus was the Karaoke Party afterwards. Terrific singers--the crowd loved them. Most of us were dancing, also, on the Flamingo's giant dance floor. We definitely want to come back again!

The second Lock & Key & Dance, Friday, June 16, was at the Holiday Inn Fairfield. The party was enjoyed thoroughly by the small crowd, and the food was plentiful.

Our Wine Tasting Party on Saturday, June 17, was at O'Neill's, a new nightclub near AT&T Ball Park. We did a party here a couple of years ago when it was called The Park. Good turnout, the wines (as always) were great, and Owen O'Neill was very generous with the food. The one negative was that Owen told me in the middle of our Wine Tasting Party that there would be a DJ instead of the live band that had been promised us. Nobody complained, and the DJ played all of our favorite hits, but I wish I had known there would not be a band earlier, so I could have notified everyone by email.

Our annual Single Fathers Day Party, on the eve of traditional Fathers Day, at Embassy Suites San Rafael,
went well. I checked in on the party at 11:30pm on my way home from O'Neill's and the dance floor was packed.

Next week features our annual Silicon Valley Singles Convention, Friday, June 23, at the lovely 4-star Sofitel Hotel in Redwood Shores. We are hoping for a mammoth turnout! Lisa Altalida, author of Dating Boot Camp, will inspire everyone during her entertaining Keynote Address, followed by Dance Party, featuring DJ Miguel of Startracks.

The following weekend we have two exciting parties: Lock & Key & Dance in SF on June 30 and our annual Fireworks Party on July 1st, with a nice view of the spectacular Marin County fireworks!

Hope you all have a great Summer!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Parties, June 6-10, 2006

Our Younger Man/Older Woman Party on Tuesday, June 6 was a little surprising. Naturally we expected a lot of older women and younger guys, but actually got more younger women to attend than usual. Go figure. Wish we had more young guys at the party. Guess they just hang out at the local bars and complain that all the women are unfriendly. They should have come to our party! People enjoyed our celebrity mixer game and the food was good. The weather was perfect (we were out on the patio, with heat lamps). Very nice turnout for a Tuesday night!

Our Asian/Non-Asian Mixer on Thursday night had the opposite problem. Lots of guys (mainly Caucasian) and very few Asian women. I don't know why they didn't come, as we usually get a good number of Asian women at our parties. The more I do these parties the more I realize how unpredictable they are. Difficult to get the ratio right.

The Young Single Professionals Party also had too many men early in the evening. Don't know where the young single professional women were, but they weren't at our party! After our two-hour mixer the DJ started playing hot music and lots of women arrived. Wish they had come earlier.

Saturday Night Singles party went well. Dance floor was packed from 10pm on. The food was great. I don't know why more people don't come early (food comes out at 8pm) and just have a free dinner with us! Makes no sense that they go to the effort and expense of eating before arriving, when our chef always gives us a nice hot meal for free.

Next week we are sponsoring Lock & Key parties for the first time in Sonoma and Solano Counties, so we should attract very good turnouts! Thursday night, June 15, the party is at the lovely Flamingo Resort Hotel in Santa Rosa. Karaoke follows our Lock & Key Mixer. On Friday, June 16 we are at the Holiday Inn Fairfield. Dance Party follows Lock & Key, with DJ Javier playing your favorite hits.

The big one this weekend is on Saturday, June 17, at O'Neill's, a new nightclub next to AT&T Ball Park in San Francisco. We begin with a Wine Tasting Party, with all the wines you can taste, from boutique wineries, plus appetizers; followed by a Live Band Dance.

Our annual Single Fathers Day Party is also on Saturday night (on the eve of traditional Fathers Day). Single dads get no respect. The only time the news media comments on them is with the phrase "dead-beat dads." What about the millions of single fathers who work hard at providing love and security for their kids? On Saturday night we honor them with a Dance Party at the Embassy Suites San Rafael.

Hope to see you at the parties!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Parties, June 1-3, 2006

We are proud to have co-sponsored The Bachelor Auction & Party on Thursday, June 1. It was a fundraiser for youth at risk in SF. There was a massive crowd and the bidding was spirited. The one negative was that the music was extremely loud. I wish I had hired the DJ so that I could have gotten him to turn down the volume. I understand that they wanted to get the energy going so that people would bid higher (there was certainly was a lot of energy in the room!) but the music was so loud I left early, even though a popular live band was scheduled to play after the auction (which went beyond the 10pm that was scheduled). People who complain about the loudness of the music at our dances should have gone to this party. They would have found out what loud music really is like! When I hire a DJ I always tell him/her to lower the volume if it is excessive. The loud music does indeed raise the energy level of the party, and lots of people, especially young people, like it. On the other hand, the louder the music the more difficult it is to communicate. So we try to strike a balance between too loud and too soft. Thursday's party failed in this department.

Our Art & Wine Tasting Party Friday night was a lot of fun. We did it at a new location for us, Linen Life Art Gallery in Emeryville. It was a lovely space and I received many compliments about it. Nice turnout.

We also had a very good turnout for our 80s Dance in San Rafael on Saturday night. It was interesting to learn how many great songs came out during the 80s!

This coming week we have five singles events:
  • Younger Man/Older Woman Mixer in Palo Alto on Tuesday, June 6. Older men date younger women all the time and most people don't raise an eyebrow. What's good for the goose is good for the gander!
  • Asian/Non-Asian Mixer in SF on Thursday, June 8. This is for Asians who want to meet Asians or non-Asians (and vice-versa). The party is right across the street from the Asian Art Museum, near City Hall.
  • Young Single Professionals Party in Burlingame on Friday, June 9. This is for singles 21-39. All of our other parties are for adults of all ages.
  • Saturday Night Singles, our weekly dance party at the Embassy Suites San Rafael.
  • Finding a Lasting Relationship Seminar on Sunday, June 11 at Santa Rosa Jr College. This is a very entertaining seminar I teach for everyone who wants a systematic plan for finding someone special within 6 months! I have taught this seminar at 61 colleges all over California and Nevada.

Hope to see you at the parties. More details at