Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Singles Parties, February 8 - 23, 2013

Our Winter Ball at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on Feb 23 attracted a big crowd, as always. DJ Mike Keating got rave reviews. He has a knack for pleasing the crowd, even though they all want to hear different music. We would have had at least 100 more singles if we weren't competing with the million extra people in San Francisco that night. Wish I had known a month earlier about the Chinese New Years Parade. Thanks to everyone who fought the traffic jams and sold-out parking to come to this fun party!

  • Asian/Non-Asian Valentine Dance, Feb 8, at the Embassy Suites Burlingame. Unfortunately the hotel put us into their second largest ballroom, so it was quite a squeeze to fit in everyone. The room was too hot, but otherwise it was a fun party.
  • Live Band Valentine Dance, Feb 9, at David's in Santa Clara. This party also attracted a big crowd. Thank you to Laura of Singles Supper Club, who hosted the party, as Debby and I were celebrating our mutual birthdays that night in Reno (yes, Debbie and I were both born on Feb 9!)
  • Valentines Day Mixer, Feb 14, at Yoshi's in San Francisco. Despite the fact that this party was on a Thursday night, we still attracted over 100 people. Obviously singles think V-Day is a good day to celebrate!
  • Blue Jean Ball, Feb 16, at Spengers in Berkeley. This is our first party in several years at this landmark Seafood Restaurant. People loved the huge wooden dance floor, which was full most of the night! Definitely we will do more parties here in the future.
  • Generation X Party, Saturday, March 2, at Piacere Ristorante in San Carlos. The vast majority of our parties are for adults of all ages. We get a good mix of younger and older singles. But this party is limited to Gen-Xers, who were born between 1961-1981. Thank you to Laura of Singles Supper Club, who discovered this lovely upscale restaurant and negotiated the deal so we could do this party, including hiring DJ Hickey B! to provide both great dance music and some fun karaoke.
  • Man Swap, Saturday, March 9, at the Pleasanton Marriott. This is based on a lovely French custom, where once a year the single women each bring the finest bachelor they know, with whom they are NOT romantically involved. Dance to your favoite hits with DJ Slick.
  • St Patricks Eve Dance, Saturday, March 16, at Embassy Suites San Rafael. Everyone's Irish on St Paddy's Day!
MORE DETAILS on our website. See you at the parties!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Singles Parties, January 3 - February 2, 2013

We had a big turnout (as always) for our party at the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco on Saturday, Feb 2. Another beautiful clear night, with great views of the GG Bridge, the Bay, and San Francisco; and great music/videos from DJ Darryl K. Everybody loves the "Home of the America's Cup!"

  • New Years Resolution Mixer, Thursday, Jan 3, at Flamingo Resort Hotel in Santa Rosa. Small turnout.
  • 2013 Singles Convention, Friday, Jan 4, at the Holiday Inn Dublin. In the past we have done parties at this hotel when it was a Radisson. Author Wendy Lyon gave an entertaining keynote on "Finding Love in 2013," followed by a fun dance party. Good turnout.
  • Singles Night in Benicia, Tuesday, Jan 8, at First Street Cafe. Our annual party in this quaint town attracted a big crowd! Lots of new faces.
  • Match Your Key Live Band Dance, Thursday, Jan 10, at Number One Broadway in Los Gatos. Small turnout.
  • An Elegant Evening at Ondine, Friday, Jan 11, in Sausalito. Great crowd, great party at this spectacular location. I think it's the best party venue in all of Marin County!
  • Country Club Dance on San Pablo Bay, Saturday, Jan 19, at the Richmond Country Club. Lovely club, decent turnout. Wish there had been more, but the location on a dark winter night was out of the way and I think some people had trouble finding it. Hopefully we can pack this place on a Summer night. It's the perfect place for a party!
  • Meet Your Valentine Convention, Friday, Jan 25, at the DoubleTree SFO in Burlingame. Good turnout; inspiring keynote by author Jeannine Kaiser. Fun dance party with DJ Darryl K.
  • Asian/Non-Asian Valentine Party, Friday, Feb 8, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Burlingame. We did dozens of parties in past years in the lounge at this lovely waterfront hotel, but this is our first time in their Ambassador Ballroom. Should be a huge crowd, as Your Asian Connection, Professionals Guild Singles, and Singles Supper Club are co-promoting this party with us. Adults of all ages and all races welcome!
  • Live Band Valentine Dance, Saturday, Feb 9, at David's at Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club. We had a huge crowd at our last party (Dec 29) at this lovely venue. In addition to the live band, we have appetizers and free mini-readings on the topic of "Will I Meet My Valentine in 2013?"
  • Valentines Day Mixer, Thursday, Feb 14, at Yoshi's in San Francisco. Lots of new people are coming to this one, celebrating V-Day! We have our own private, swanky lounge at this premiere jazz venue.
  • Blue Jean Ball, Saturday, Feb 16, at Spengers in Berkeley. It's been several years since our last party at this famous seafood restaurant, with our own private Atlantic/Pacific Ballroom with giant wooden dance floor.
  • Winter Ball at The Fairmont, Saturday, Feb 23, at the Gold Ballroom of San Francisco's most famous hotel. Always a huge crowd at this elegant soiree!
  • Generation X Party, Saturday, March 2, at Piacere Ristorante in San Carlos. Our first-ever party at this large upscale Italian restaurant. Gen-Xers were born between 1961 and 1981 and include Barack & Michelle Obama, Paul Ryan, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, etc.
More info at www.thepartyhotline.com/PartyCalendar.html. See you at the parties!