Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Parties, Memorial Day Weekend 2006

We went out with a bang at our last Sunday Night Singles party this past weekend! The party was packed and many said they were said to see these parties end after over 3 years. The good news, however, is that we continue to sponsor Saturday Night Singles every Saturday at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Rafael, plus two or three other parties every week of the year, all over the SF and Monterey Bay areas.

Friday night we had a Wine Tasting Party at a new location, Solad Dance Center in Walnut Creek. Two terrific dancers from Solad put on quite a show, accompanied by the incomparable Carlos Reyes on the harp and violin. The combination of great wine and great entertainment was most enjoyable.

Saturday night we did a combination Lock & Key Mixer and Dance Party at the Sheraton San Jose. Nice turnout. Dr. Janet Hecht, coordinator of our Saturday Night Singles parties, tells me that we also had a good turnout at our San Rafael on the same night.

This coming week we are sponsoring four parties for singles:
  • Historic Hotel Mac Mixer in Pt Richmond, Tuesday, May 30
  • Bachelor Auction & Dance for Singles in SF, a charity fundraiser that seves disadvantage youth of the Bay Area, Thursday, June 1
  • Art & Wine Tasting & Dance Party at Linen Life Art Gallery in Emeryville, Friday, June 2
  • 80s Dance Party at Embassy Suites San Rafael, Saturday, June 3

More details about these and many more parties at www.ThePartyHotline.com. Hope to see you at one or more of these parties!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Parties, May 19-21, 2006

Rain returned with a vengeance this weekend, giving us an all-time low at our Aptos Party Sunday afternoon
and a below-expected attendance at our Sunday afternoon party in Monterey. Both were Lock & Key parties and went well. Just wish the weather had been better so we could have packed both locations! The appetizers were particulary good at the party at Jack's at Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey. One lady who attended the Aptos party met a man for a future date, plus picked up a client. That's what I call mingling at a party!

Our Wine Tasting Party Friday night was at a new location for us, Mr. Smith's Nightclub in San Francisco. Not the best neighborhood--7th St., between Market and Mission St.-- but what a beautiful place. Most of us stayed after the wine tasting for the Dance Party. The House DJ played many of the songs we love at our parties, but unfortunately as the night went on he cranked up the volume to the point where it was just too loud. Hopefully everyone understands that when the House pays the DJ in the nightclub, eventually he is going to play louder music for the mainly younger audience that comes in late-night. Young people, as you know, just don't understand the damage they are doing to their eardrums. They will be sorry later in life (I can testify from personal experience).

On Saturday we held our annual Best of the Men Party, based on an old French custom. Nice turnout, great party. I gave away free copies of one of my books, A Good Man Is EASY to Find, to all the women who brought an eligible bachelor to the party (with whom she was not romantically involved).

For Memorial Day Weekend we have 4 singles parties. You'd be surprised how many singles don't go away for the long weekend and are looking for something fun to do while everyone is supposed vacationing out-of-town. With gas being so expensive, I'm betting most people will be looking for something local, like one of our parties. On Friday we have a Wine Tasting Party at a new location for us, Solad Dance Center in Walnut Creek. On Saturday night we have two dance parties: Lock & Key and Dance Party at the Sheraton San Jose (in Milpitas); and our regular Saturday Night Singles Party in San Rafael. On Sunday we have our annual Memorial Day Holiday Dance Party at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame (with Monday as a holiday we always get a nice crowd). I hired the DJ at all three of these dance parties, so I know the music will be good and not played at an ear-splitting volume!

Hope to see you at one or more of our parties!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Singles Parties, May 13

We had two parties on Saturday, May 13:

1. Single Mother's Day Party at the Embassy Suites San Rafael, where single moms were admitted for only $5. We return the favor on Single Father's Day on Saturday, June 17, by admitting single dads for only $5. Dr. Janet Hecht ran this party, while I was at our party in Burlingame.

2. Our Lock & Key Mixer was at a new location for us, Blush Nightclub in Burlingame. We had a nice turnout and just about everybody stayed after the Lock & Keyfor the Dance Party, beginning at 10pm. The DJ played a lot of our favorite hits from the past for the first hour, then gradually shifted to more modern music, just in time for the massive young crowd that comes in every Friday at Blush. We really enjoyed the new location, so I scheduled another party for Blush for Friday, June 9, 8-10pm. It will be a Young Single Professionals Party (21-39), with a fun Mixer Game and light hors d'oeuvres, followed by the Dance Party at 10pm. Only $10 includes both parties!

Next weekend we have 4 parties:

1. Wine Tasting (7:30-9:30pm) & Dance Party (9:30pm-2am), Friday, May 19, at another new location for us, Mr. Smith's Nightclub, 34 - 7th St., San Francisco 94103. Only $20/advance or $30/door gives admission to both parties. Easy to meet lots of new single friends as you taste up to 15-20 wines from boutique wineries; with appetizers to cleanse the palate; followed by a Dance Party with House DJ.

2. Best of the Men Party, Saturday, May 20, 8pm-Midnight, Embassy Suites San Rafael. Based on a charming old French custom. Every year the single women of France each invite the finest bachelor(s) they know, with whom they are NOT romantically involved, and introduce them to their friends. $10 at the door includes dancing to your favorite hits, with our own private DJ, plus hot hors d'oeuvres first hour.

3 and 4: Lock & Key Parties on Sunday, May 21: 3-5pm at Severino's at Seacliff Inn, Aptos; and 7-9pm at Jack's at Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey. Our Santa Cruz and Monterey singles have been complaining about having to travel to the SF Bay Area for Lock & Key parties--so we are bringing the parties to you! Only $10 at the door for each party, including appetizers first hour.

More details about these and many more parties at www.ThePartyHotline.com. Hope to see you at one of the 4 parties this coming weekend!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Singles Parties, May 5-6, 2006

Our Cinco de Mayo party on Friday was at an exciting new nightclub, Illusions, in Palo Alto. Big place, very high ceilings, great lights and sound system. We hope to do another party there again, as this one was well-attended and high-energy. The one negative was that we had to go with the "house" DJ, who isn't accustomed to our crowd and their musical needs. I kept asking the DJ to play a few slow dances, but since I wasn't paying him directly, he just did his own thing and played almost all fast music all night. Not that the music was bad--our singles enjoyed him. He just could have mixed it up a little better. That's why I prefer to do parties where I hire the DJ and pay him/her directly.

On Saturday we held our annual Carnaval Party. Mas Makers gave us a special preview of the giant Carnaval Celebration in San Francisco's Mission District on Sunday, May 28. This is supposed to be San Francisco's largest celebration each year, with 500,000 attending! Mas Makers paraded in their gorgeous costumes and ignited our Dance Party. The only problem was they arrived late, had to change into their costumes and get everyone lined up. They didn't start dancing until 10pm. Then the dance floor was packed until midnight. Wish they had arrived sooner! For that matter, wish our singles would arrive sooner at Saturday Night Singles. We put out the hot food at 8pm (last Saturday we had two large trays of Enchiladas) to encourage people to come early, but we just can't get them to arrive in large numbers until later in the evening. So the party always starts out slowly, then gradually builds to a crescendo.

If you attended either party, please share your reviews, positive and negative. Thanks.

Next weekend we have two Saturday night parties; none on Friday. We had originally scheduled a Wine Tasting & Dance Party for Friday, May 12, at Mr. Smith's Nightclub in SF, but had to reschedule it for the following Friday, May 19 because they put down the wrong date in their calendar. So we have two parties on Saturday, May 19:

1. The first-ever Lock & Key & Dance Party in San Mateo County, at a beautiful new nightclub, Blush, in Burlingame.

2. Our annual Single Mother's Day Celebration, the night before traditional Mother's Day, at Embassy Suites San Rafael. Single moms are the unsung heroes of our society. They have all the responsibilities of married moms, and often have to do it all on one income. We salute them!

More details available at www.ThePartyHotline.com.